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Monday, August 09, 2004

God's Love

It seems like nothing that I write ever expresses sufficiently what I am feeling or thinking. So today, I am going to let those with wisdom and clarity speak for me.

God's undying and boundless love is a topic that fascinates and awes me everytime that I contemplate it. Here are some beautiful thoughts about God and His love for all man (as unworthy as we are).

"Remembrance is an act of love. God remembers us and His remembrance, His love is the foundation of the world. In Christ, we remember. We become again beings open to love, and we remember. The Church in its separation from "this world," on its journey to heaven, remembers the world, remembers all men, remembers the whole of creation, takes it in love to God. The Eucharist is the sacrament of cosmic remembrance; it is indeed a restoration of love as the very life of the world.

"The Church, if it is to be the Church, must be the revelation of that Divine Love which God 'poured out into our hearts.' Without this love nothing is valid in the Church because nothing is possible. The content of Christ's Eucharist is Love, and only through love can we enter into it and be made its partakers. Of this love we are not capable. This love we have lost. This love Christ has given us and this gift is the Church. The Church constitutes itself through love and on love, and in this world it is to 'witness' to Love, to represent it, to make Love present. Love alone creates and transforms: it is, therefore, the very 'principle' of the sacrament. "

I cannot even begin to comprehend how much God must love all of us, for when I think of how much I love my family and friends, my heart begins to ache. The love that I feel for others is not a pure love, as is God's love for all mankind. It is humbling to contemplate God's love; it is a gift that I in no way deserve, yet God continues to offer it to me. Why? Because He wants me to love Him and be with Him in His kingdom. But yet love for Him is not coerced, it is completely voluntary. God and His wisdom are truly incomprehensible. The one thing that I can never understand fully is that no matter what, God wants everyone in His Kingdom, no matter how sinful and unworthy. My heart and mind are humbled before God, He is truly my hope, my refuge, and my protector.


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