Wednesday's Child

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I heard some bad news about a friend this weekend that really upset me. I wasn't sure why I had reacted so strongly until I got home and realized that her story reminded a lot of my aunt's, not in the details, but in the major underlying issue. Basically, they are both mad at what happened to them and they don't want to let go of that anger and hurt. I know why my aunt is hurting, and I can completely understand it, but by not forgiving she is passing on the pain that she inherited. I just pray that she can feel how much I love her and want her to get better so that she can appreciate all that she has before it is all gone. God, please be with her.

I hate that one person can be evil and that her wickedness can still hurt people years after her death. I hate knowing that my grandpa, my mom, my aunt, and so many other people were and still are affected by one woman's wickedness. May God grant her peace and forgiveness in death.

It is too painful to say anymore.


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