Wednesday's Child

Friday, August 27, 2004

"Love is not merely a feeling.
Feelings pass like clouds and may dissolve in tears.
Love is a vow.
An eternal vow that never passes away, never changes, never fails.

Through love of neighbor do we enter into love of the Way:
And as the former grows in us, so does the latter,
Until at last the Way is all in all,
And we forget ourselves.
Then love becomes a depth of illumination,
A fountain of fire inflaming the thirsty soul.
Growth is added to growth.
Love is the progression of eternity.

In desiring to escape pain
We seek refuge in sensual pleasure,
Calling it by the name of happiness.
But in trying to blunt pain with pleasure,
We but increase our pain,
For pleasure and pain are intertwined.

There are two kinds of pain:
Pain of the senses-
An absence of the object of the body's desire;
And pain of the soul-
An absence of the object of the soul's desire.

Pleasure of the senses is emptiness ever filling itself,
Yet remaining ever empty.
Pleasure of the soul is fullness ever emptying itself,
Yet remaining ever full.

Offering themselves to Him Who is beyond all created things,
Sharing in His self-emptying,
Followers of the Way become wholly united with Him,
The true goal of love and longing,
The true End and fulfillment of Desire."

-Lao Tzu-


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