Wednesday's Child

Friday, September 10, 2004

After watching The Passion I wasn't depressed (as I thought I would be). Instead I found myself feeling well, happy. I realized that if Jesus loves me so much that He endured such intense suffering for me, how can I be depressed? How can I despair in the face of such pure love and humility? It also made me understand that if Jesus could endure such hardship, how can I not persevere through the miniscule struggles of my life? Rather than fear the struggles with which I am faced, I should embrace them, especially since I have God's limitless love to strengthen and guide me. What can be better than knowing that you are loved beyond your comprehension? What is more humbling and motivating than knowing that you don't deserve such a priceless gift, yet it is given willingly? The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that love is both a bright hope and a dark despair. I hope in God's boundless mercy and compassion, but I also mourn that in my selfishness I tear myself away from the love that sustains me. God's love is so fascinating to me. It makes me marvel, for I cannot comprehend it. I both glory and tremble at His divine love, it is what can fill me, it alone is what can make me whole.

"Love is the very essence, the seed of the fruit of the Spirit, containing within it all that makes up the fruit, all that is God Himself who is Love. "
- Galatians 5:19 -


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