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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

There is cause for celebration, today marks the one month anniversary of my quitting all types of diet soda. Yes, you all may laugh, but it is a big deal. For a while, my younger sister and I were addicts. We would have diet pepsi everyday (ahh, to think of all the money that I wasted on soda). Seriously, when I decided to stop drinking it, I would go through withdrawls (yes, how sad).

The fact that I got addicted to diet soda is part of the reason why I try to maintain as great a distance between myself and drugs and alcohol as possible. I know how easily I can get addicted, and I don't want to become enslaved to something so serious and damaging. It pretty much boils down to me being weak. I have issues with moderation. If I like something, I cannot seem to get enough of it. Then, before I know it, I am addicted. This is really serious, and it is one of the things that will never go away, it will be a constant struggle. I feel really ashamed and embarrassed to admit this, but it is humbling(which is always good). And at least, as my mom told me (in her great wisdom), I am aware of my weakness and can use this knowledge to be vigilant in protecting myself from attacks of the devil. Because the devil is very aware of my weakness and he will use it to make me fall, and hard.

So yeah, I am really embarrassed now, but I am starting to realize that it really helps me to move on and detach myself from my thoughts when I talk about them. Once they are out in the open they do not wield the immense power that they possess when they were still cooped up, whirling around inside my head causing me such confusion and misery.


  • I know how you feel. I mean, when I gave up cheetos-- *glances down at red fingers* whoops, just kidding.

    By Blogger E Rica, at September 7, 2004 at 5:07 PM  

  • (Comment from an almost-old person -->) Phooey on the young.

    Here I am feeling good about myself because I've managed to make it to lunchtime on the strength of a good cup of coffee and then you tell me you've given up diet soda???

    All right, I'll switch to decaf, but if you're contemplating any other Olympian ascetic efforts, like giving up artificial sweetener, let me know so I can stop reading this blog ;-)

    By Blogger Grace, at September 9, 2004 at 9:45 AM  

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